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Meeting their new house designer is the first step you can take on your way to building a custom home design. It's exciting - are you excited? You should be! This is your opportunity to convey all the interesting ideas you have about your dream home. This meeting is about you than you. So how can you have a very successful meeting and give yourself the best chance to design your home is as close to what you want, the first time.

designer Home
designer Home

Tip 1 - Be Yourself

 I know some of you are thinking, "who else would be"? But you'd be surprised how many people sit in their design meeting acting as if they were attending a funeral instead of taking one of the most exciting step life has to offer. Relax. Large home designers know what it feels like to bring their dreams to the table, which are tasked with the responsibility of delivering it.

If this is the first time you will be building a house for a million dollars, I do not think you have to act like a millionaire (or what they think millionaires can be like - some people are surprised to learn that often very common). If you are yourself the designer of the house you know, and what you're like that will give them the best chance to put your personality in your new home.

Tip 2 - be brutally honest

 If you like sex in the hallway, then they tell us and we will ensure that the hall is the best hall doomed to have sex. You need to be brutally honest with their lifestyle and what is most important to you. Communicate your lifestyle is the biggest challenge for most people because they do not may want to draw attention to the aspects of your life or maybe they think something might just be common sense. Do not assume that the person sitting at the table thinks like you, walk like you, talk like you and has the same values. If you love teddy bears and needs extra space in the bedroom for its 101 stuffed animals, then say so. If you want a sports and fitness center with mirrored walls, and then speak. If you are an amateur photographer and use a room, a dark room and then speak.

All of the above are examples that I found during my time as a custom home. What's more, the items being discussed had to be coaxed out of home buyers over time. We More importantly, redesigned to the extent that gave them a much better result than they would have achieved had not told us. Change heights window in the corridor (in fact, we did a lot of adjustments throughout the house!). We have created niches in the bedroom stuffed, we remove baseboards in the gym and add a point on a corner TV outlet to 2.0 m in height and change the window in the dark room on the south side of the house to avoid the sun but still allow adequate ventilation.

Tip 3 - enjoy the process

 Remember that this is your time, relax and enjoy. Make jokes and meet the people sitting across from you at the table. You will find more comfortable you are with your designer, information flow during its brief design and the best of your home will be.

If you are using a custom home and are looking to ensure you have the best home design suits your needs you should follow these three tips. Your new home designer will appreciate how easy you made the meeting and love the fact that they will have the best opportunity to make you happy first.

Steve Fitzpatrick is the Managing Director of the Broker building in Perth Western Australia.

If you are thinking of building a new house, then contact your broker building today to enjoy an experience stress-free construction and get the best possible deal on your new home.

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