What is custom designed home?

Very simply as the word implies a house custom designed to meet your wishes. Very often this is the result of not being able to find the house you want, where you want. House offers custom designed to meet both. 

Many builders of roads to make no changes at all or strictly limit them. Materials are predetermined, but the selections of colors are usually very generous and satisfy most people. Most homes today are energy efficient, but some builders will be at the minimum of what the code or the market allows. Updates are usually available, but not always. A custom home will allow full control and selection if preferred.

custom designed home
custom designed home

That road will require no apparent design fees in buying a new or existing home. The reality is that a share price or value of design in every home that is reflected in the purchase price or market value. Tract builders who build the same house over and over land areas can lower the cost much and home design. They also save on materials and labor because of the scale. 

Custom houses can not compete with this in a base price per square foot. They do however provide other advantages, possibly even including saving money. The most common way to get everything he wants solution is to buy a house that is over you want more footage. This is where you really have to consider what you want and need. If you are paying for a game room that does not really need to get the other rooms and features you want there is a cost associated with that.

 I recently designed a home for friends who saved them about $ 30,000 a cut footage. They had chosen property and plans a book and wanted to plan my opinion before buying plans. In discussing the design of what became clear it was that there were larger rooms than necessary and completely unnecessary room. We decided it would be more than worth it for a custom designed home. Book design plan was over 2,700 square feet and the new custom home design was below 2400. Like good friends paid about what the book would have cost plan. Design fees vary, but for a single contract does not include design work and supervision that is provided by the manufacturer of a normal customer savings even have been more than $ 20,000. 

Existing plans of action can be a great solution if they are identical or close to what you want. But like buying a new or existing home if you are paying for the rooms or unnecessary images existing plans may not be the best or most profitable option. 

Custom designed home is not for everyone, but I hope that this knowledge will help you decide if it's the right choice for you. 

Darrell A. Haertl, AIBD, TIBD, CPBD owns design concepts has provided award-winning design custom home design and remodeling since 1991. With over 30 years of experience, including 8 as superintendent of construction, which is particularly qualified to provide personalized creative home design and remodeling design considering the cost implications.

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